Our Unique Buckle System

Through our R&D we realized not many people know how to tie a bow tie, so we have developed a product that caters to all bow tie wearers. Our Bow Ties can be tied like any other bow tie but we also give you the option to leave it pre tied and just buckle it in the back! This gives you a nicely tied bow tie that can be a clipped on and off or a beautiful bow tie that can be self tied!

Who We Are!


We are Will, Tyler, and Josch, and we specialize in the art of handcrafted bow ties. This is a skill passed down from our Grandfather, who owned a bow tie business for over 30 years. We have taken this knowledge to create a product of the highest quality, that inspires people to be confidently unique.

The Bow Tie Collective embodies the idea of like-minded individuals coming together to create space for growth and positivity. The mosaic pattern of the logo portrays this idea; it is when each individual tile blends together that something truly beautiful is formed. Check out "The Collective" tab as we create our own mosaic masterpiece with other aspiring artists and entrepreneurs.