Revolution of The Bow Tie

What Is The Revolution of Bow Ties, and Why You Need to Know About it

Is it possible to be unique in today’s society without standing out too much? We’ve all been there; trying to be an individual, but living in a world that only wants compliance. Today is the day that we rise above the mundane, my friends! It’s Josch here from The Bow Tie Collective, and I'm about to share with you a little secret of mine: how bow ties changed my life, and how they can change yours too.

When the new Dr. Who decided to include bow ties into his wardrobe, people took notice. Bill Nye, James Bond, and Dr. Who showcased wearing bow ties on the big screen, making the bow tie a new ‘Statement Piece’ for anyone looking to add their own creative touch to their wardrobe. Gone are the times where bow ties are solely for the wealthiest among us. These men, and countless other characters who bare the bow tie are showing us a way to reinvent our image!

A bow tie allows it's wearers to stand out in an important way, and it has been proven time and time again. As the job market only becomes more competitive, it makes sense that people are opting for anything that will give them that extra advantage. We all know that first impressions are everything, so why not wear something that differentiates you from the rest! When you wear a bow tie, you radiate confidence- and people remember that.

Connor Blake wearing our bow ties to stand out within the real estate industry!Connor Blake wearing our bow ties to stand out within the real estate industry!

You might be thinking, “Well that all sounds nice, Josch, but why bow ties?” Well, here is a personal example that will hopefully put things into perspective: when looking for jobs out of College, I stood out among the other potential hires because of the bow ties that I wore, and was almost always invited back for the second interview.  I’ve noticed that when I wear a bow tie, compliments are almost always a guarantee, and I’m taken more seriously by strangers and colleagues alike.

Now that you’ve gotten a little taste of the power that bow ties hold, there’s one important fact you need to know before you move forward: not all bow ties are created equal. A bow tie should always have the ability to be tied and untied. Pre-tied bow ties look fake and boxy, whereas a hand-tied bow tie looks authentic and imperfectly perfect. The hand-tied knot of a bow tie is crucial in completing the creative and unique look.

A Self Tied bow tie that doesn't need to be tied every time

Now I know what you're all thinking “But Josch, I don't know how to tie a bow tie!” Fret not, friends! Our company is revolutionizing the way we wear bow ties by tying the bow and adding a specialized buckle system in the back that allows wearers to take the tie on and off without ever having to untie it, but still giving it that crucial hand-tied look I mentioned before. With this system, you can get the look of a perfectly tied bow tie without ever having to learn how to tie one!

It’s been a wild journey for bow ties, and I can finally say with certainty that they are on their way in, and they are here to stay.  Ask yourself “When was the last time I had the opportunity to get on a trend before it became massive?” Regardless of whether or not you’ve worn a bow tie before, this wave of bow tie popularity is about to take the fashion world by storm. It is truly possible to be unique in today’s society without standing out too much, and the way to do it is by wearing a bow tie; because you “Don’t wear a bow tie to stand out. You wear it to be outstanding”